Mom Life

Thomas Duke

There I was for the first time. I was frustrated and defeated. The idea of a nice morning had vanished before it even started. All I could feel was a million eyes staring right at me and one of them happened to have crocodile tears strolling down his face.   I’m pretty sure at this point I had exhausted every distraction I had in my purse and used every clearance dessert that Walmart could supply. I knew this was the beginning of a new personality.

Thomas and his Halloween friends.

So I have two children. The first one is my oldest, Haylen, she was always a super mellow child. I was so lucky the first time around. We kind of just breezed into the toddler and kid years. I mean it’s one of those feelings where you could basically let her drive the car and she would be okay. Yes, I know I shouldn’t joke, but seriously that’s how easy going it has been. However, recently I feel as if all my past judgements toward other moms and their rowdy children has come back to haunt me. I use to be that mom who criticized others for their parenting tactics. I always had those thoughts of “my children will never behave that way” or “wow, that mom just doesn’t care at all she just lets them run wild.” I use to think I had this parenting thing down. That was until I met Thomas.

unnamed (1)
Thomas exploring nature.

So picture this, I always imagined walking into church with my two children and being able to sit in the main hall from day one. Everyone would be nice and quiet. We would get the occasional smile and the whisper of “look how well behave that little boy is.” While everyone tried to ignore that mom in the cry room who is struggling to keep her toddler from crying or throwing things across the room.

unnamed (2)
The face of a soon to be distraught toddler.


Pop that image out your head now. That’s what my world felt like as I got a rude awakening about this Thomas. I am the mom that has the screaming child. I do exhaust all my warnings x a million. I do walk around with syrup, water and I think juice stains on my shirt. I pretty sure I contributed at least one stain. Let’s face it once you become a mom, it’s inevitable to walk around without contributing to the stained shirt. I am that mom in the cry room that has a fussy toddler that everyone can hear. I am that mom that refuses to let him off of the chair and walk around during church. I will not be like the other moms! J  I am that mom that has accepted he will not eat the 8 hour roast sitting in the crock pot, but will eat the frozen chicken nuggets just fine.  I am the mom that secretly hopes he will fall asleep in her arms just to remember the baby days.  Lastly, I am the mom that just wants to survive today to do it all again tomorrow.


Thomas isn’t a bad kid. He’s not an undisciplined child. Trust me that kid still hasn’t discovered he could practically just crawl out of his crib. [KNOCK ON WOOD] There’s nothing wrong with him. He cries. He yells. He gets frustrated. He’s a kid with a strong personality. He doesn’t want to be in the cart seat where all the “babies” sit. He wants to be inside the actual cart where he can enjoy his time at Walmart. He doesn’t want a pen and paper to write on. He wants the permanent marker so he can write all over his leg. He’s just a little guy with a lot of happiness to explore the world. I’ve come to realize that every child is different. I can’t be the mom who decides what their child’s personality is going to be like. He’s already decided that. So I am sorry to the moms next to me at Walmart. I am sorry my child is crying because after my 1 millionth warning I decide to follow through and take away the pen he keeps dropping. I am sorry he is yelling about the pumpkins we passed in the produce isle. Also yes, please keep looking at my shirt because I think if you stare long enough at it, my stain from last week is still on there. So to my mom’s out there whose children are crying and screaming, High Five, keep doing your thing. And to my other mom’s that are blessed with calm babies, High Five, one less bottle of wine to drink. One tip to remember is that the pastry clearance area can be your new best friend. Just make sure there is enough for everyone, otherwise you may want to skip the eggs today. Sugary cereals can also be a healthy breakfast.  Lastly, I am sorry that Los Lunas doesn’t have a target and all we have is Walmart.


With Love,


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