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Valentine’s Day Special

The ideas came swarming into my head as soon as I read the classroom newsletter. I immediately thought we need to come up with an idea that is going to blow the other kids away. Instead of including Haylen I figured I would just pick a cute idea for her. She’s not going to care. Besides it’ll look better if I do it; She’s still improving her coloring skills. So to the Pinterest boards I went looking for that one great idea. I mean come on, we all know what Valentines Boxes mean in Kindergarten. It’s basically a competition for moms to out due the next mom.

Let’s be honest. There is no way that little billy made that Minecraft Valentines box by himself. I’ve walked by my daughter’s class before and I’ve seen all the artwork on the wall. There is no way those nicely placed unicorn horns and hot glue gun eyes got on there with the help of your kindergarten student.

2nd Grade Box

Haylen’s Valentines box from kindergarten was a camper. I remember asking her a billion times what she wanted to make for her box. The real question I was asking was “honey, what do you think mommy should make for your box?” When we were at the store she picked out several colors of paper I didn’t like and I had to play it off by saying “ I don’t think that matches the windows though…” She looked at the paper and said “you’re right mom.” I then proceed to tell her which color paper I thought we needed. Once the project was under way, Haylen asked if she could help. I was a bit hesitant that she would mess up “the idea” so I simply gave her an easy task to complete. Eventually she got bored and took off to do other things. That definitely made me feel less guilty about taking over the project.

This next part may break some of your hearts.

After spending so much time perfecting my masterpiece, the time came for her to take the box to school. I drove slowly trying to sneak peeks of other kids boxes as they got out of their cars. Slightly wondering if Hannah’s mom really made her box or just bought it.

After school Haylen got into the car and I immediately asked her how her day went. She tells me it went good and proceeds to tell me about all the festivities. I didn’t actually listen. I then asked oh, so what did everyone think of your box? She then breaks my heart into a million pieces. She tells me, no one said anything mom. I really like Sam’s box. He did a dinosaur. He said his mom helped him do it.

A little disappointed. I realized that was the last time I pour my heart into a project really meant for the kids. Here are my 3 reasons why:
1. The only person that appreciated the box was my daughter, but even that was short lived.
2. I didn’t get to see what the other boxes looked like so I couldn’t judge who’s box turned out better.


3. The box ended up stuffed in my child’s backpack. All the little details of her box falling off and falling apart. She ended up tearing into the box to get the candy.


I mean she did pretty good. 2nd grade box


So for you moms out there that get excited about cool projects such as the valentines box. Save yourself the trouble and heart break. Find a box, cut a hole, and let them have at it with paint and stickers. It’s for one day. They don’t care. They just want to see the cool cards and candy. At the end of the day the box will sit in the corner waiting for garbage day to arrive.

With love,



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