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Happy Mother’s Day: My Mother-in-Law

Two years after the birth of my daughter I went through a dark time. I was lonely, confused and lost. I remember sitting on the bathroom floor crying wondering if life was worth the hassle. I walked downstairs to find my mother in law in the kitchen. I cried to her and told her that I didn’t want to be here anymore. Confused she didn’t know what to say. That night she stayed by my side. She didn’t ask a million questions. She just knew something was wrong. The next day my mother in law confronted me. I acted as if everything was okay, but she told me it was time to get help. I knew she was right. Within a couple of days I started therapy for depression. That was the night my mother in law saved my life.

My mother in law is the kindest and sweetest person you’ll ever meet. From the day I met her she has always been so welcoming. She always lends a listening ear and never judges any of my decisions. If anything she has always supported my thoughts and even shared many of hers. She always puts her family first especially her sons. I use to complain to my husband that he can get his own plate, but quickly realized that it’s just the mexican mom in her. I dont mind stepping aside now.

My mother in law and I have known each other for about 10 years now. However, she’s known about me longer than those 10 years. When I first met my mother in law I was very intimated. She just had this look. The look that made you not want to make eye contact. I remember in high school at one of the football games she started walking over to our area of the stadium. I panicked and ran the other way. I wasn’t sure if she knew I was dating her son yet, but I was not about to find out. However, my idea of who I thought my future mother in law was wrong.

My mother-in-law has been married for over 30 years. That alone is #marriagegoals. She also loves being a grandma. She has four grandchildren, 3 girls and 1 boy. She only had two boys, but always wanted girls. I guess you can say God heard her prayers.

Growing up I was raised by a single father. So the idea of having a mother-in-law was new to me. But, in a lot of ways it has been a blessing. She just isn’t my husband’s mom or my children’s grandmother. She is one of my best friends. Our relationship has grown over the years and I feel like she’s become the motherly figure I needed.

When I feel that I am lost or confused she is always there. When I need a laugh or someone to share a story, she is there to laugh and listen to me. If anyone needs a special recognition it’s her. My mother in law is my role model, my advice giver, my gossip buddy, and my best friend.

Happy Mother’s Day Juanis!

With Love,


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